Tracy Munroe – My CrossFit Journey

Posted on August 14, 2012



A little background on myself at the beginning of this journey I was weighing in at almost 300lbs. I have been a competitive athlete my whole life despite my stature playing Fastball, Football and Volleyball in my most recent years.

I had watched through the bay door across the parking lot, people (potentially crazy ones) doing things I had never attempted or thought of attempting ever before and had almost convinced myself I couldn’t do those things, who knew my life was about to change significantly…

It all began by Brian the Vice President of Dannburg Floor Coverings approaching Ken about what he had going on over here and maybe starting an On-Ramp as a company. Brian thought it would be a great idea to bring everyone together and build morale, so we were enrolled.  The thoughts of him going through a bit of a mid-life crisis and dragging us along definitely crossed most of our minds, however whatever the reasoning my interest was peaked and I was super excited for the opportunity to try it out.

I remember the day Ken came into the Dannburg Showroom to give us the “Low Down.” After listening to him talk about CrossFit and the adventure we were about to embark on as a company I was even MORE excited to get started, even though I had a nagging fear that failure was eminent for me.

I distinctly remember the story of the single Mom who cried because she could not finish the workout and still had one more lap to go. When he spoke of her class getting up, and even though they had already all finished their workouts, they ran with her ?!?!?!?! I felt tears well up. I knew then that if that kind of support was for real the challenge ahead would be much easier and even achievable. What an amazing community to be welcomed into. 

We Started on June 6th, 2011 and after a month and a half… just long enough to have caught the CrossFit bug. I had to go for hernia surgery due to previous injuries NOT CrossFit related, followed by 2 more surgeries due to complications. It was discouraging to see my progress come to a complete stop & worried that I would never be able to return.

I was able to finally return to Ramsay starting over fresh in mid-October, and haven’t looked back!

One of the realizations I have become aware of during this journey is that I can be my own worst enemy focusing on and getting frustrated over the stuff I “Can’t” do as prescribed yet instead of recognizing the progress I have made. Everyone has hard days & struggles in the face of adversity, but the support from the fellow members of this CrossFit community is absolutely incredible. Belonging to a community as strong and supportive as the one right here has helped me overcome the times when I fall into this slump. No one here has ever made me feel inadequate, and everyone always has encouraging words such as “Great Job or Good Workout, way to push yourself etc.” 

In November I decided to adopt the Paleo way of life, that is definitely when everything kicked into high gear for me. I am currently proud to say that to date I have lost over 80lbs!! I Started the Paleo Challenge here in February and that has helped me stick to my commitment to myself. 

It has been just over a year since I began this journey, and I can’t even possibly put into proper words how incredible I feel, not just physically but mentally. I feel like a kid again ready to take on the world. Some days I don’t want the class to end and it’s hard to contain or properly express my enthusiasm.

The weight loss is only a SMALL part of what the Coaches and Members here at CrossFit Ramsay have helped me achieve. I am pleased to say I have a 335lb – 1 rep Max on my Deadlift, I wasn’t able to do a box jump before and in early April I got my first 20” box jump, I have managed to shave 13 Minutes off of my 5K, My CrossFit total is 617lbs, and when I started I could only run about 1/3 of a 400M run and now I can complete 800M without having to Walk or stop! 

My short term goals for the future are to do an unassisted pull-up by, get a 400lb deadlift by year end, shed another 40lbs, and current long term goal is to be able to compete in the Masters division at the CrossFit games in 4 years. Obviously including some other small goals along the way to help keep me focused and allow me to tackle a new level of competitiveness. The BEST part is I now know I have the support, drive and motivation, and I believe I CAN do it. 

Never in my life have I ever worn a Tank top – I have always dreamt of it… Give me a couple of months and I may consider buying clothes that fit maybe even some Lulu’s. It is still so scary for some reason.

Ken – Your passion is contagious, all of my success is directly attributed to that. You truly want the most for everyone that walks through that door. Everyone that comes here is a product of your dedication, drive and passion for what you do, including the coaching staff you choose. Thank you Ken and the CrossFit Ramsay team, coaches, members for your time, patience, knowledge to which I am sure I have taken advantage of, and Thank you to my boss Brian for the opportunities I have been provided with and the doors (the big bay ones) that have been opened to me.


3 thoughts on “Tracy Munroe – My CrossFit Journey

  1. I’ve witnessed some of Tracy’s growth over the past few months and must say its very impressive. You tackle WODs with more confidence and continue to push the limits in everything you do. Keep it up.

    • Words cannot express how proud I am of my daughter’s determination in taking on this tremendous program and the amazing results she has achieved through her hard work. Way to Go!!!!!

      • I always knew that once my Niece Tracy that her wellness and fitness was attainable there would be no stopping her.. I live in Wpg and have not seen her since her 80 lb weightloss but i am so very proud of her and all that she has accomplished..
        WAY TO GO Tracy!!!!!

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