Hannah Mughal

Hannah Mughal

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Hanna has been part of the Junior Varsity program at Reebok CrossFit Ramsay for almost one year. She started with very limited mobility and experience with CrossFit movements, and is now one of the strongest athletes in the program.

Since starting CrossFit, Hanna haHanna Mughals made huge progress in her skill set, strength and endurance. She demonstrates exceptional technique in all movements, and is always pushing herself to improve and set new goals.

Hanna has also become more motivated to reach fitness goals and eat well to fuel her performance. She regularly completes homework fitness challenges, and always comes to class ready to listen and give 100%.

Not only has Hanna seen vast improvements in her CrossFit skill set, she has also developed more confidence to try new things. For example, participating in a Spartan Race, which would have been scary to her before CrossFit. She is looking forward to lifting heavier, achieving a pull-up, and, one day, competing in a CrossFit competition.

David Muncaster

David Muncaster

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My motivation for leading an active lifestyle is my children. I want to see my children get married and have children of their own. To be apart of there lives for as long as possible, as the healthiest version of myself that I can be. And to be the best example I can for them.

To give a little background on me: I have never been small, I have been overweight for as long as I can remember, I wore 40 waist 30 leg pants in Junior High. I hit 255 pounds in University, and would get winded going up a set of stairs, I spent the next 8 years yo-yoing in weight, and never being anything less that obese no matter how many months I spent in the gym 7 days a week, twice a day. I would lose a bit of weight, gain it, gain some muscle, lose some muscle.

I had enough in 2012 after being really depressed and basically staying home and watching TV all day for weeks and weeks. That is when I watched the Documentary “Fat Head”. I did research, found out about the Paleo diet, and basically said screw it, I tried everything else, why not try one more thing that won’t work. Lost 40 lbs in just over a year, and thinned out like I had never before in my life. With no additional exercise to boot! Corben was born and I managed to stick to the 180 range for most of the rest of 2013, but was slowly adding weight come the winter. I had fallen into the, “If it’s gluten free, I can eat it,” trap. In 2014 I ballooned out again to 225 pounds, same story, different year.

2015 saw me finally realize that while diet is good, it alone is not going to work. I dropped 20 pounds going back to the Paleo diet and started to think about working out. I am primarily in an office now running my company, and last I checked typing is not an aerobic workout. With Corben being more and more active by the day I saw the writing on the wall of him running circles around me. And I was genuinely concerned that if he saw me being inactive, fat, and out of shape, he would follow me down that same path. The damage is done to me, I have lost years off my life from being inactive and fat, I just now wanted to make sure that I kept as many of those remaining years and didn’t waste them away. I also wanted to make sure that Corben didn’t make the same mistakes I did by simply following my example.

A friend suggested that I try Crossfit. I had another one of those eh screw it why not moments. Started at RCR February 1st, 2015. Since then I have gotten in the best shape of my life. I haven’t lost much weight, but I don’t care, losing some more weight will come later. For now I am just enjoying having so much endurance and energy that I can use towards spending time with Corben, and soon enough Theodore. The last 4 months have been transformative to say the least, I am looking forward to the next 4. And while 4 months is not a long time to break 32 years of poor habits, I believe that I can stick with it this time, after all, I have the best motivation in the world. A toddler that can unlock the front door.

Jay Kammerer

Jay Kammerer


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What led you to CrossFit?
Well I was going to Mount Royal University gym and doing your typical workouts, which was a lot of focus on looks and your typical bulk, shed, and build. My workouts switched up every 2-3 months when I eventually felt I plateaued. Don’t get me wrong I think the traditional gym is a good start as I lost 85lbs working at it there, but just wasn’t satisfied anymore. I had a friend tell me about Crossfit and I went to his box with him and did a WOD, however I was not sold as I was new and the coaches there didn’t seem to take that into consideration, so the workout was not the best and they simply took my drop in fee. I later came in talked to Ken and he stood behind his gym and simply said “Come try it, and if it is not for you then no problem.” So I came in and gave it a shot, as I simply wanted to learn how to climb a rope and build my leg strength for my Spartan Races. I found the Coaches have been superb and the everyone else who comes in here very supportive, and this is a big reason RCR is so successful and I have not looked back since.

What keeps you here?
It is not one specific thing that keeps me here. It is a combination of things. For me, I enjoy constantly improving and getting better, so once I achieve a goal, I set another one. Anything from learning how to do kipping, lifting heavier, to wanting to improve all around and catch the person stronger or faster.

What has changed in your life since CrossFit?
One thing that has definitely changed is that I now always know that when things seem unreachable whether it be in everyday life or fitness goals, they definitely are not if you want it bad enough and push hard enough to get it.

What’s your favourite Reebok CrossFit Ramsay memory?
For me the most memorable moments were when Michelle stayed and worked with me and patiently worked with me on how to do a rope climb, and I finally got it. I was super pumped as I had a Spartan Race coming up. Also a great memory was when I got 30 Kipping pull ups unbroken.

MJ Ramsay

MJ Ramsay

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Since the beginning of March, you may have noticed me in the background battling my way through programming provided by Coach Ken. The goal: A Muscle Up

I was approached by Coach Ken last February when he saw me flailing around on the rings attempting to get an impossible muscle up. It was a lost cause to be certain, but I was convinced (and correct) this was something that was going to be included in the 2015 Open – maybe I would, by some strange chance, be able to do it… Maybe I would be able pull it off, right? Long story short: No, it wasn’t going to magically happen for me. Ken offered the tools to be able to get a muscle up. I would have to be diligent and put the time into it, but he assured me it was entirely possible and that it could happen in just a few months.

I have been on Ken’s programming since the first week of March. The goal was the muscle up, but the benefits and gains I have experienced since starting have been amazing. To name a few, my hand stand push-ups have improved significantly since I have been able to remove the ab mats, increase the amount of reps I can do and have even gone into deficits. My bar grip has improved where pull up and toes to bar reps have increased as well as stamina to continue doing them. In addition, I have PR’d all of my lifts significantly. The past three months have been very exciting for me.

I am also very happy to announce that on June 5th around 5 pm, with Coach Ken, I performed my very first muscle up. I know it did not magically happen for me because I have worked hard for it. But, the feeling I experienced after finally reaching my goal most definitely was. I am pumped to see how I do in next years 2016 Open.

Thank you Coach Ken and the RCR Team for your help and support,

Mike Dowhopoluk

Mike Dowhopoluk

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Why CrossFit?

Google said Reebok CrossFit Ramsay was the closest gym to my office. I had never heard of CrossFit before I walked in. I was addicted from the first class.

CrossFit Stats – Height, Weight, Age?

Height: 5 9′ Weight: 180lbs Age: 40 years old

Why did you start individualized programming?

I had trouble holding things over head and squatting, and wanted to fix it!

What has it improved for you?

Everything. Ken has programmed around the goals we set, and then also hit on other weaknesses as well. It is tougher to maintain intensity on your own, so maybe not that.

Dinner last night? Or, favourite Paleo meal?

Steak, salmon, red wine, and a couple leaves of lettuce…was at a BBQ.

Trenton Goertzen

Trenton Goertzen


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Why do you CrossFit?
I used to do a lot of rock climbing previous to Crossfit but had taken a couple of years off from that and was out of shape from sitting at a desk every day. I also kept on getting finger injuries from climbing, so I needed something that wouldn’t aggravate those. Crossfit was a natural progression from climbing because of the community aspect of it. I didn’t want to go to a gym, run on a treadmill, wear headphones and be isolated from the rest of the world. We aren’t meant to be isolated and the community at RCR has been amazing!

What is your motivation, why fitness, and is there something specifically that motivated you to lead a more active lifestyle?
I have always been skinny… I was unhappy with the way I looked and lacked self-confidence. I decided to take responsibility and started doing more fitness because I knew that only I had the power to change something about myself I didn’t like. I realize now that it would be tough for me to make massive gains, but because I am confident in my abilities, I am fine with that and my body type. I am content and value that everyone has their specific strengths and weaknesses. And as an added bonus, I really like that it has enabled me to be in better shape to do other sports/outdoor activities without specifically having to train for them.