“Meet You Where You Are” Approach

At RCR, everyone starts with a “No-Sweat” Intro. During this free appointment, you will sit down with a coach to paint a clear picture of what you want to work towards, the challenges you are facing, and how we can best help you.

The mission of the “No-Sweat” Intro is to treat everyone as an individual and create a pathway to your goals that recognizes your strengths and weaknesses, and set you up with the best program options at RCR to achieve your goals in the most supportive and fun way possible.

Create Your Perfect Day 

Life doesn’t exist solely within the gym. Our goal-setting and coaching is based on the idea that fitness and nutrition serve a higher purpose of making you happy and healthy. The goal-setting approach starts with designing your perfect day, and then creating fitness and nutrition routines that support that perfect day.

At RCR we build goal-setting around quarterly meetings with members, where you will sit down one-on-one with a coach to review your progress, set a vision for your goals, and make adjustments to your training and nutrition when it is appropriate.

It All Starts with Nutrition

Our nutrition routines are the most influential habits in our lives. What we eat affects our moods, sleep, energy levels, body fat, and our overall health. Our coaching emphasizes a nutrition first approach so that no matter what your desire is to train, you can begin to improve your health and fitness starting on day one.

The Nutrition Coaching program at RCR focuses on building habits rather than counting calories or eliminating foods. Nutrition clients work towards mindful eating using a guilt-free accountability system.