Why CrossFit?
I like CrossFit because it challenges me everyday and pushes me beyond what I ever thought I could be capable of doing. I love the community aspect of CrossFit, especially here at RCR. The friends I have met here have become a huge part of my life both in and outside the gym, they are a big support and one of the reasons I come to class everyday.

Biggest Achievement since having started CrossFit?
Since starting CrossFit, my biggest achievement has been my lifestyle change. I have gone from working out only a couple times a year to going to class 4-5 times a week. I have been able to keep a healthy diet by focusing on paleo meals and because of this I have achieved a more healthy lifestyle. I also never thought I would be able to lift heavy weight and being able to consistently hit PR’s, especially in this past strength cycle, is a new accomplishment everyday.

Favourite WOD or favourite type of workout?
My favourite WOD’s are EMOM’s and Chippers. My favourite CrossFit movement is box jumps.

How did you get started into CrossFit?
I first started CrossFit in January 2016 when I signed up for the New You Challenge. My brother has been doing CrossFit for years and had been encouraging me to get into it. I was looking to try something new and change my lifestyle, so when the opportunity to do the challenge came up I jumped at the chance and haven’t looked back since.

Dinner last night? Or favourite Paleo meal?
My favourite paleo meal is turkey meatballs with a vegetable sauté or sweet potato hash.