Why CrossFit?
I always found if difficult to fit in daily exercise, mostly because I had no real idea of what I was doing or what type of exercise I enjoyed. I always made excuses, too tired, too busy, but really I just needed to find something I enjoyed doing and finally with the recommendation of a friend I did. I love that CrossFit is a class setting and everyone does the same WOD and you can scale it to work for you. The atmosphere is amazing, the coaches and fellow members are super encouraging and helpful, and no matter if it’s the first time you’ve met or if you’ve been attending the same class for months they are always there to cheer you on! And I always look forward to being greeted by Sadie in the mornings, she’s so awesome to have around.

Biggest Achievement since having started CrossFit?
Challenging myself to push beyond my personal limits, and changing my mindset on what a healthy and active lifestyle is to me.

Favourite WOD or favourite type of workout?
Anything with snatches! Barbell or dumbbell power or squat, but I always have fun doing any WOD.

How did you get started into CrossFit?
A really good friend of mine had finished the New You Challenge and couldn’t say enough good things about her experience, and I figured why not go and see what CrossFit is all about! I was bored with the gym and wanted to try something new. I’ll never forget my first foundation session with Coach Nick, it was way too early at 7am (back then I was never up before 8am). The workout we did was tough and I was sore for days, but realized soon after I finished the foundations program how much I enjoyed everything I was learning. Now almost a year later, with consistency I attend the 7am class 4-5x a week which is always a blast, and have improved my physical strength, endurance and state of mind as to what health and fitness is to me. I always have a great time at every class, even if seeing the WOD on the board has me looking like a deer in headlights!

Max Lifts:
Back Squat: 155
Clean & Jerk:115
Power Snatch: 80
Deadlift: 205

Favourite healthy meal?
Turkey meatballs with spaghetti squash and pesto! Yummy