Why CrossFit?
CrossFit is addictive! Also, the programming at RCR is fantastic, it pushes the body to grow stronger and develop skills. Even at my age.

Max lifts:

  • Snatch 125
  • Clean and jerk 175
  • Back Squat 230
  • Deadlift 265
  • Push press 155

For now! I’ll see what this strength cycle brings.

Favourite type of workout:
I really enjoy snatches. I have been working hard to get that movement. Getting there!

How did I get started in CrossFit:
A friend ask me to come to a Saturday class with coach Geoff. After not being able to leave the parking lot before throwing up, I was hooked.

Favourite Paleo meal?
I have been working on the best tasting Paleo oak meal cookie. Still not perfected, but I keep trying.