Why CrossFit?
I’ve played hockey and basketball since elementary school, (among other sports) and they always seemed “good enough” for me. I found once I moved to Calgary that my desire to play
the late night beer league hockey was fading but I wasn’t doing anything to fill that void. Crossfit was exactly what I needed. It gave me a more individual approach to a sport while still feeling like part of a team and community. My mood and confidence improved instantly, and the results in the mirror were noticeable within the first couple of weeks. The thought of constant progress, and always wanting to be better, both physically and mentally, is what got me hooked.

The community at Ramsay is second to none! I can’t say enough about the people I’ve met since I started. I owe a huge thanks to all members, coaches, and staff at RCR! This has and will continue to be a life changing experience.

Max Lifts:
Snatch 155
Clean & Jerk 185
Squat 270
Deadlift 365
Press 145

Favourite WOD or favourite type of workout?
I like Metcon’s, and most WOD’s under 25 minutes. I also really enjoyed the atmosphere of the Open workouts.

How did you get started into CrossFit?
My girlfriend, Megan started at Ramsay a couple months before I joined. She often spoke of the
community, her progress, and her overall experience, all of which had me intrigued. I decided to
sign up for the Foundations program, and soon after that I was attending regular classes.
Dinner last night? Or favourite Paleo meal?
Paleo Plantain Pancakes