Our philosophy when it comes to fitness is simple: We believe that it’s not important to be the best, but that we should all work at doing our best to get better every day.

We want Reebok CrossFit Ramsay to be a destination for people who are getting started with building new habits and changing their lives.

CrossFit is a powerful way to train, and it’s successful for so many people because it’s fun and exciting, the workouts are always different, and the people that stick with CrossFit are good people to be around. We come from a wide variety of places, but we share a few common qualities: we want to have long and healthy lives and live to our fullest potential, and we’re willing to put in some work to make that happen.


Our classes are always guided by the idea of “meeting you where you are at.” Every class starts at a whiteboard where the coach will explain the workout and how it should feel, demonstrate the necessary exercises, and provide options for people who are learning to move themselves safely and efficiently. All of our workouts are scalable to include everyone from a beginner all the way to an experienced athlete.

All of our CrossFit memberships begin with a Foundations package of five one-on-one private training sessions. This will allow you will feel confident and comfortable when you join classes.

We offer the opportunity to add ongoing personal training sessions to your group classes as a Hybrid Membership. This is a great option for anyone looking to get the most out of their fitness and health.