Nutrition is the foundation of fitness. Without it, we have nothing.

The adage “You can’t out-exercise poor nutrition” rings truer these days as the day-to-day seems to encourage an inactive body and an overly processed, albeit convenient, diet.

We find that when someone walks through our doors for the first time, often they are in a nutritional wasteland. We are consistently exposed to so many stimuli telling us what is good, what is bad, what will make you gain weight, and sworn statements on the ‘next quick fix’. It is easy to become overwhelmed, and spin helplessly in circles.

At Reebok CrossFit Ramsay, we recognize that nutrition is often a puzzling topic for many. In order to clarify and help our members establish good nutrition, we have partnered with Healthy Steps Nutrition (HSN). HSN is a CrossFit Box run out of South Florida owned by a Registered & Licensed Dietitian. Through our affiliation with HSN we are able to offer Nutrition Coaching to our members with the confidence that what we provide has been created by a registered dietician who understand the metabolic demands of CrossFit.

The Nutrition Coaching we offer is not designed to be a quick fix to years of unhealthy habits. Rather we aim to provide our members with an applicable, science-based approach to nutrition and wellness that they will be able to sustain long term. This is accomplished using behaviour modification strategies, rather than the stress of ‘dieting’ to create positive change. Rather than restricting food, and making nutrition a test of willpower, we focus on establishing healthy habits and a healthy mindset around food that will empower each individual to work towards their ideal body composition effectively and safely. We want to make sure that the habits that we encourage and the lifestyle that is developed as a result will yield positive results in mind and body that will be sustainable, not matter the demands of the every day. The Nutrition Programs that we offer can be modified to fit any dietary restrictions.

To learn more, or to schedule a consult, contact us today!