Quality of our Coaching.

Calgary’s largest CrossFit box, at Reebok CrossFit Ramsay we strive to set the standard of quality training and community. Fitness is a life long commitment and we would like to be your embassador. Our team of coaches are dedicated to your success and all have a minimum of CrossFit Level 1 certification before embarking on the challenge to serve you.
When our members travel to other box’s around the world, we constantly hear the praises for their quality technique. Keeping you safe and strong will keep you in the game of life for a long, long time!

  1. Recognized by Reebok as a leader in the Fitness industry
  2. In business for over a decade
  3. Largest facility in Alberta
  4. Plenty of free parking
  5. Best Run CrossFit classes in Calgary
  6. Personal training
  7. Strong and supportive community

Reebok Crossfit Ramsay’s goal is to help you understand fitness, nutrition and lifestyle with the best trainers in Calgary.

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Ensuring Your Success

Ensuring Your Success

Whether you are a beginner athlete interested in enrolling in our On Ramp program, someone seeking Personal Training or regular CrossFit classes, an athlete looking to improve Olympic Lifting technique or Gymnastic skills, or parents wanting their children in a positive and fun fitness environment, Reebok CrossFit Ramsay has something for you! Our On Ramp program is a great place to start. With experienced coaches and a program strategically designed for beginners, you are guaranteed a positive experience. This program runs 4 weeks with 12 sessions in a small class setting, and will prepare you for participation in the main CrossFit class. Personal Training is another way to get started at RCR, or to improve on weaknesses. Our coaching staff are passionate about fitness and well-being, and this shows through the indiviualized and goal specific programs they implement in Personal Training sessions. Regular CrossFit classes at RCR are run in a very professional manner. The warm-up is specific and caters to the movements in the stregnth and metabolic conditioning of the day. The one hour classes are purpose and athlete driven. Want to improve your snatch and clean and jerk lifts? The Olympic Lifting class is for you! Three evenings weekly, ahtletes work on efficiency and speed under the bar through programmed skill and strength exercises. Gymnastics classes are a great way to improve core strength and flexibility in a fun atmosphere. Once a week, athletes of all skill levels come together to be upside, flipped, and dipped! Finally, our CrossFit Kids program, run by two certified teachers, is a blast. Children from ages 4-14 come together and experience a fun way of staying in shape and learning how to fuel our bodies in a healthy manner. Reebok CrossFit Ramsay takes pride in providing clients with a diverse array of programs and coaches to continually improve their skills, and ours as well.



We are proud to have two locations in Calgary!! Reebok CrossFit Ramsay boasts 11,000 sq/ft of CrossFit bliss. With two rigs (190 pull up bars), mulitple ropes, muscle up rings and wall ball targets, we are able to comfortably accommodate any class size. Reebok CrossFit Ramsay is located at #2010-2600 Portland Street S.E. and has plenty of parking, space for fliiping tires, running and dragging sleds. Showers, saunas and post workout smoothies keep our members feeling revitalized after a workout. At our second location, (6,000 sq/ft of excitement and fitness, where 1,500 sw/ft is dedicated to strength & olympic lifting..) with something like “We have two floors with a total of 11,000 square feet of training space

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